From the Desk of Professor Platz

Prof. Carrol and Carolyn Platz
One of my main concerns over the more than 40 years I have spent in the canine reproduction business is, how to continue the program, with the same intense loyalty to our clients that has helped make ICSB what it is today With over 50 centers currently in the US and overseas, we continue to expand ICSB as time permits. After all the years it has taken to build this program, I hope to see ICSB continue for the at least next 40 years with as much energy and commitment as it has seen in its first 40 years.

It is with pride and complete confidence that I can now rely on my son John to take the reins of the ICSB program. For the past 20 years John has assumed the client and office management, overseeing shipping, receiving, tracking inventory of over 200,000 semen samples stored to date. John has been apprenticing at my side for the last 20 years learning semen collection using the techniques of manual stimulation, epididymal sperm harvest and electro ejaculation in the canine and other mammal species. He has become an expert at semen analysis, insemination timing, and missed conception diagnosis. John has the knowledge and skills to continue the ICSB tradition far into the future.

I feel very fortunate that John and his wife, Tong have joined me as the future of our program. And confident that they both will offer our clients a continuing program based on our past efforts, our quality service and our industry-leading conception results. John and Tong are the second chapter of ICSB. They will do the best to offer all of our clients the most up-to-date procedures and advances in canine reproduction for the next generations to come. I know our clients will enjoy working with John and Tong. And that the same loyalty, hard work, service and commitment will continue on at ICSB.

   - Prof. Carrol and Carolyn Platz

Prof. Carrol and Carolyn Platz
We feel very fortunate that we are a part of this program and that we can offer our clients a continuing program based on our efforts and results. As the second chapter of ICSB, we will be able to offer the most up-to-date procedures and advances in canine reproduction for the next generation to come. We are so proud to be a part of the legacy of knowledge and service that flows from Prof. Platz on to us. We promise to offer the same quality, loyalty, hard work, service, and commitment to our clients as we continue to nurture ICSB's past, as well as its future.

   - John Platz and Tong Wu